WNYHA and Healthcare Trustees of NYS Annual Conference

May 8, 2019 

4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. 
The Terrace at Delaware Park 
Buffalo, NY

Join us Wednesday, May 8, 2019, for our Annual Conference on Emerging Strategies for Population Health as a Business Model.

How does keeping people healthier and healing them faster become a viable business model? Join us May 8th at The Terrace at Marcy Casino on Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park in Buffalo to find out!

Learn from some of the best minds in hospital finance and organizational strategy as they share their tactics, cultural and financial strategies with you. Our speakers will discuss the lessons learned on the road to making population health into more than just a good idea. 

Online registration for this event is now open

Healthcare Advocacy Day 2019

Urgent: We need you at our Advocacy Day rally on March 5
We need you and your team at our March 5 Advocacy Day rally to forcefully push back against the newly proposed $1.1 billion cut to New York’s hospitals and nursing homes in the state budget. It is absolutely critical that we bring big numbers to Albany to show the governor and the legislature that we won’t stand for these cuts. We’ve revamped Advocacy Day into a Some Cuts
Never Heal rally that begins in the Empire State Plaza Convention Hall and culminates in a march to the Capitol. See our new
agenda. Plan to be loud and animated at our rally to make sure lawmakers hear our message: Healthcare cuts are unacceptable and will harm patient care. We urge you to bring as many members of your team as possible and consider bringing a
busload. All members of your organization are welcome, including clinical, administrative and all other staff. Registration is
available online. If you are coordinating a bus, contact Allison Manny at learning@hanys.org (see details below). We have also
launched an online advocacy tool. We strongly encourage you to share it with your colleagues and encourage them to use it to
reach out to their legislators to urge them to protect healthcare funding.  
For the first time in many years, we are holding a rally in Albany to protest cuts. We are going to show a new generation of state lawmakers that we are angry and mobilized in collective action against these drastic cuts. We need you and your staff, trustees and volunteers to participate. Please bring a busload of staff and trustees from your organization. Join us in the fight against
these ill-conceived cuts. Our patients expect and deserve better.

1. Identify one coordinator from your organization. This person should: register your group on the HANYS website; advise us on
the number of attendees; and indicate if you will be coordinating busloads.
2. After registration, HANYS will contact the coordinator from each organization for further details.
3. If you have already registered for Advocacy Day and your facility will now be coordinating busloads, please contact Allison
Manny, vice president, Healthcare Educational and Research Fund at learning@hanys.org.
4. If you have not registered and will not be attending as part of a group, please register yourself online.