WNY Healthcare in the News- June 2020

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center expands cancer disparities research  Buffalo Business First 6/26/2020
UPMC Says Hospitalizations Down As Economy Opens Buffalo Business First 6/25/2020
Four rural health initiatives funded in WNY Buffalo Business First 6/24/2020
Hospitals to resume limited visiting hours Buffalo Business First 6/18/2020
Orleans doc takes on national role with AMA  Buffalo Business First 6/18/2020
How this rural hospital is expanding specialty services  Buffalo Business First 6/15/2020
UPMC Chautauqua, Brooks In Line For Federal Funds, Reed Says Post Journal 6/15/2020
Reed: Hospitals In Line For Federal Funds Post Journal 6/15/2020
UPMC Chautauqua, Brooks In Line For Federal Funds, Reed Says Post Journal 6/15/2020
Catholic Health holds moment of silence & prayer to show commitment to peace & justice for all communities Niagara Frontier Publications 6/12/2020
Six WNY organizations receive federal funds on telehealth Buffalo Business First 6/11/2020
Area hospitals get $52M in new federal assistance  Buffalo Business First 6/11/2020
ECMC staff kneels in solidarity with George Floyd Buffalo News 6/8/2020
Nursing students join medical field when they’re needed the most Union Sun and Journal 6/7/2020
Restart will allow thousands of surgical cases to be scheduled  Buffalo Business First 6/4/2020
Hospital ED expansion allows better care, plus increased revenue  Buffalo Business First 6/1/2020
ECMC opens state-of-the-art KeyBank Trauma and Emergency Department Niagara Frontier Publications 6/1/2020

WNY Healthcare in the News- May 2020

For providers, eased telehealth laws offer test run for future Buffalo Business First 5/25/2020
Roswell Park to be part of NY pilot program to allow hospital visits by family membersThe Buffalo News 5/19/2020
Thanks from Above: Flyovers honor those on front lines of pandemicThe DailyNews 5/19/2020
Catholic Health resumes full elective surgery schedule this weekNiagara Publication5/18/2020
Elective surgeries return in Erie County – but not everywhere The Buffalo News 5/18/2020
Stars will honor UMMC and St. Jerome staffThe DailyNews 5/18/2020
WNY Region Meets Hospitalization Metrics For ReopeningThe Post Journal 5/18/2020
Furloughs, layoffs begin at Buffalo’s largest trauma center Buffalo Business First5/15/2020
Technological advancements continue to revolutionize health care Buffalo Business First5/15/2020
With hospital visitation on hold, Mount St. Mary’s answers a needNiagara Publication5/15/2020
What health-care changes will stick around beyond the pandemic? Buffalo Business First 5/14/2020
Testing expanded to 27+ more sites in Erie, Niagara, ChautauquaBuffalo Business First 5/13/2020
FDA approves Roswell Park for clinical trial in fight against Covid-19Buffalo Business First 5/12/2020
JCC nursing instructors also work at Olean GeneralOlean Times Herald5/11/2020
JCC donates 1,000 cookies to Brooks hospitalThe Observer5/11/2020
UPMC Uses Telemedicine To Help HospitalsThe Post Journal5/11/2020
WNY rural hospitals get $42.7M more toward survivalBuffalo Business First5/10/2020
Air Force flyover scheduled Tuesday to salute WNY health care workersThe Buffalo News 5/10/2020
Kaleida approved to resume surgeries at Millard Suburban, Oishei Children’sBuffalo Business First5/9/2020
Mount St. Mary’s Hospital nurse gives back to community during National Nurses WeekNiagara Frontier Publications 5/9/2020
More than $12 million in federal funding awarded to area hospitalsThe Observer5/9/2020
Sweet DeliveryThe Post Journal5/9/2020
Byron Brown salutes nurses at ECMCThe Buffalo News 5/7/2020
Catholic Health hospitals to resume elective surgeries in Erie County Buffalo Business First5/6/2020
Back up and running: A solid process reintroduces elective surgeries at Mount St. Mary’s HospitalNiagara Frontier Publications 5/5/2020
Catholic Health sponsoring free webinar for new momsUnion Sun and Journal5/4/2020
Catholic Health receives area’s top grades in Leapfrog safety reportNiagara Frontier Publications 5/1/2020
UPMC Hopes To Answer Antibody Research QuestionsThe Post Journal 5/1/2020

WNY Healthcare in the News- April Articles

Feds deliver $83M to WNY hospitals to fight Covid-19 and lawmakers want more Buffalo Business First 4/28/2020 Catholic Health to begin Covid-19 testing for pregnant and delivering moms Buffalo Business First 4/28/2020 Area hospitals to benefit from second round of federal funding Chautaqua Today  4/28/2020 Hospitals urge moms to use maternity units, not home births, Read More

WNY Healthcare in the News- March Articles

Foundation commits $50M to New York organizations addressing coronavirus  Buffalo Business First 3/31/2020
At ECMC, shaken doctor shares lessons from the ‘Covid floor’ Buffalo News 3/31/2020
Borrello says Lake Shore Hospital is on the State’s radar screenChautauqua Today3/31/2020
Tents placed outside Olean, Bradford ERs over COVID-19 Olean Times Harold 3/31/2020
Buffalo braces to become a coronavirus battleground, even as Cuomo seeks statewide help for New York CityThe Washington Post 3/31/2020
‘Relief valve’ unit creates more capacity for coronavirus patients Buffalo Business First 3/30/2020
UB infectious disease doctor breaks down Covid-19 and its potential impact on WNYBuffalo News 3/30/2020
Two 1-year-olds among Niagara County COVID-19 casesLockport Union Sun & Journal 3/30/2020
Mount St. Mary’s Hospital holds ‘blessing of the tents’Niagara Frontier Publications 3/30/2020
Olean General treating its first two COVID-19 patientsOlean Times Harold 3/29/2020
More local support for Mount St. Mary’sNiagara Frontier Publications 3/28/2020
Erie County DOH, Kaleida offer Friday updatesNiagara Frontier Publications 3/28/2020
Olean General has first COVID-19 patientOlean Times Harold 3/28/2020
Medicaid waiver gives WNY hospitals broad flexibility during crisisBuffalo Business First 3/27/2020
Fewer patients showing up at ERs as hospitals prep for Covid-19 surgeBuffalo News 3/27/2020
Cattaraugus County reports first confirmed case of COVID-19Chautauqua Today3/27/2020
Will age, gender restrict access to Buffalo hospitals? Buffalo Business First 3/26/2020
Olean General gearing up for COVID-19; still no confirmed cases in countyOlean Times Harold 3/26/2020
Chautauqua Center Offering Screenings For VirusThe Post Journal 3/26/2020
Tesla to produce ventilators in BuffaloLockport Union Sun & Journal 3/25/2020
Hospital expansion plan approved in southern Erie County Buffalo Business First 3/24/2020
Reed Credits Local State Lawmakers’ Efforts to Reopen Lake Shore HospitalChautauqua Today3/24/2020
Eastern Niagara Hospital fine tuning surge planLockport Union Sun & Journal 3/24/2020
Mount St. Mary’s receiving community supportNiagara Frontier Publications 3/24/2020
Olean, Bradford hospitals ramp up coronavirus readinessOlean Times Harold 3/24/2020
Orleans Community Health postpones 2 fundraisers, welcomes donationsOrleans Hub 3/24/2020
Kaleida CEO speaks about reopening a closed hospital and how bad things could get Buffalo Business First 3/23/2020
With existing shortage for nurses, health-care workers, who will staff new sites? Buffalo Business First 3/23/2020
Kaleida CEO speaks about reopening a closed hospital and how bad things could get Buffalo Business First 3/23/2020
Hospital leaders ‘preparing for the worst’ as coronavirus spreadsBuffalo News 3/23/2020
Catholic Health volunteers rush forward to help Covid-19 patientsBuffalo News 3/23/2020
Buffalo Business First: With Existing Shortage For Nurses, Healthcare Workers, Who Will Staff New Sites?Kaleida Health 3/23/2020
Kaleida Health announces recruitment efforts for surge teamNiagara Frontier Publications 3/23/2020
Borrello Sponsors Bill Authorizing Virus CoverageThe Post Journal 3/23/2020
Catholic Health to begin offering rapid result COVID-19 test as early as this weekBuffalo Business First 3/22/2020
‘Game changer’: Catholic Health could run 800 Covid-19 tests a day with newly approved systemBuffalo News 3/22/2020
Brooks-TLC Prepares for Surge in Patients Amid COVID-19 CrisisChautauqua Today3/22/2020
Kaleida Health Urges Community to Follow Recommendations to Prevent Spread of COVID-19Kaleida Health news 3/22/2020
Enhanced Visitation Policy in Effect Across Kaleida Health Facilities, Adult and Long-Term Care Sites Restrict VisitationKaleida Health news 3/22/2020
Kaleida aims for 50% increase in inpatient bedsBuffalo Business First 3/21/2020
DeGraff may reopen to provide more hospital beds, Kaleida announcesBuffalo News 3/21/2020
New York exploring options for temporary hospital sitesLockport Union Sun & Journal 3/21/2020
Coronavirus: Hospitals face millions in losses with elective surgery cuts Buffalo Business First 3/20/2020
Supplies for coronavirus testing in short supply in Western New YorkBuffalo Business First 3/20/2020
Olean, Bradford hospitals will take employees’ temperatures starting MondayOlean Times Harold 3/20/2020
Cuomo asks NY companies to make masks, gloves, gowns: ‘I’m asking businesses to get creative’Olean Times Harold 3/20/2020
Wyoming has 23 pending tests with no more new cases since WednesdayThe DailyNews 3/20/2020
Medina hospital putting off elective surgeries, making changes in response to COVID-19The Orleans Hub3/20/2020
UPMC Chautauqua Has Tested A Dozen For VirusThe Post Journal 3/20/2020
Catholic Health’s St. Joseph Campus will be converted to treat coronavirusBuffalo Business First 3/19/2020
St. Joseph to become first Covid-19 hospital in New YorkThe Buffalo News 3/19/2020
Hospitals take measures to protect healthcare workersThe DailyNews 3/19/2020
ECMC leader: ‘We run to the fire’ Buffalo Business First 3/18/2020
Niagara County deals with first COVID-19 case amidst testing shortage, health director confirmsNiagara Publication3/18/2020
Coronavirus prompts restrictions at hospitals, nursing homesBuffalo Business First3/17/2020
Niagara County to use shuttered Newfane hospital for quarantineBuffalo Business First3/17/2020
Government, health providers getting creative to serve the population. That’s unprecedented, exec says Buffalo Business First 3/17/2020
Buffalo hospitals confirm first 3 positive inpatient coronavirus cases; and first cases in Niagara, Genesee and Wyoming countiesBuffalo Business First 3/17/2020
New normal at regional hospitals includes screening before you enterBuffalo News 3/17/2020
Borrello: Lake Shore Hospital Could Reopen Due to COVID-19 OutbreakChautauqua Today3/17/2020
Brooks-TLC issues COVID-19 precautionsChautauqua Today3/17/2020
Catholic Health announces enhanced visitor screeningsNiagara Frontier Publication3/17/2020
Eastern Niagara Hospital, Niagara County reach agreement for use of former Newfane hospitalNiagara Frontier Publications 3/17/2020
WNY hospitals begin canceling elective surgery to prepare for coronavirus surgeBuffalo Business First3/16/2020
Hospitals continue to shift planning, visitation with expected hike in coronavirus casesBuffalo News 3/16/2020
Coronavirus notes: Hospitals may reconsider elective surgeries; closings and schedule changes continueBuffalo Business First3/15/2020
ECMC, Roswell Park put limits on who can enter hospital facilitiesBuffalo News 3/15/2020
Does Western New York have enough hospital beds to handle coronavirus?Buffalo Business First3/14/2020
DeGraff Memorial Hospital Earns ACR Lung Cancer Screening Center DesignationKaleida Health News 3/9/2020
Kaleida to move, expand pediatric clinic into collaborative East Side spaceBuffalo Business First 3/4/2020
UPMC: Facilities Are Ready To Handle CoronavirusThe Post Journal 3/4/2020
Olean/Bradford hospital CEO tapped from withinBuffalo Business First 3/3/2020

WNY Healthcare in the News- February Articles

Catholic Health exec downsizing from big-city hospital to small-town health care Buffalo Business First 2/26/2020
Health news: Roswell Park okayed for expansion; Eastern Niagara to study elder abuse; Catholic Health recognized; UB Med fights Alzheimer’s Buffalo Business First 2/26/2020
Acupuncture and Reiki at the hospital? Integrative therapies join conventional medicine Buffalo Business First 2/25/2020
Brooks-TLC Hospital System making tough transitionThe Buffalo News 2/25/2020
Catholic Health’s Trinity network adds all-female staffThe Buffalo News 2/19/2020
Hospitals, health care providers have $100M in projects underway Buffalo Business First 2/16/2020
Health notes: Elmwood Health Center begins plans; hospitals receive designations Buffalo Business First 2/14/2020
ECMC opens expanded atrium under the sunBuffalo Business First 2/14/2020
Kaleida following the trend among hospitals of selling nursing homesBuffalo Business First 2/13/2020
Quatroche named to statewide Medicaid reform panelBuffalo Business First 2/6/2020
Hospital plans inpatient addictions expansion as need remains sharpBuffalo Business First 2/5/2020
Catholic Health adds online chat featureBuffalo Business First 2/5/2020